Myanmar | January 2020 Experience

Myanmar | January 2020 Experience


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Take a deep breath, bring in all that is good about Myanmar.  For a country so small its feelings of magic amplifies from the highest temples that you can feel it all the way to its beaches on the Bay of Bangle. Get ready to see Myanmar in a whole new way!  Saying this country is special is a understatement, theres something about its lure that brings you in and traps you.  Its no question to why we eloped to this magic kingdom.   Get to see temples barely seen by tourism, thousands of temples and pagodas fill the desert, time has stood still here for thousands of years.  Enjoy lunch with the monks, and receive a blessing. Bring gifts and supplies to the children housed by the monks. Put your toes in the sand of Napali beach,  swim in its clean ocean and have a surf side dinner and drink.  Here you will get to meet and support young children attending  an english school in hopes of building a brighter future.

9 Hosted days in Myanmar

Main flight is not included, in country flights will be.

Breakfast, lunch dinner and water will be supplied

Adult drinks, not hosted.

Couples discount currently applied for sharing rooms and experiences.

Fees include donations for the young navis monks school and childrens school in Napali

Traveling as a single, price may differ if you would like your own room please let us know in advance.